We work with the entrepreneurs, start-ups, dreamers, non-profits and wineries of Northern California. We think short and long to find a path that balances immediate needs and future goals.

El Dorado Arts Council

El Dorado Arts Council (EDAC) is an arts non-profit bringing more arts, in more places, to more people.

EDAC contracted us to rebuild their website from scratch. The goal of this project was to create a minimal starting point from which to expand. To do this we focused on building small modular components (calendar, cms, store, etc) which could grow along with the organization’s long term goals.

Tool Kit: Bootstrap, Express, Heroku, Hogan, NodeJS, AngularJS, MongoDB, AWS, Stripe, ect.

El Dorado Arts Council website

Arts Council Napa Valley

Arts Council Napa Valley (ACNV) is an arts non-profit which unites, supports, and advances the arts and cultural community of Napa Valley.

ACNV hired us to rebuild their web infrastructure from the ground up. We worked closely with ACNV in defining visual aesthetics, articulating interface preferences and prioritizing features. We were entirely responsible for writing code, implementing tests, configuring environments and launching the final product.

We used open source tools and choose solutions with good documentation and strong community support. We continue to maintain ACNV's web product and plan on expanding it's capabilities in the near future.

Tool Kit: Aws-skd, Erb, Bootstrap, Heroku, Rails Admin, Rspec, Ruby on Rails, Newrelic_rpm, Sqlite3, ect.

Arts Council Napa Valley website

Best of Joy

Best of Joy is a wedding photography team which specializes in a photojounalistic style.

To create this site we used a simple set of tools. This allowed us to keep production cost low and roll out the final product in a short amount of time.

Tool Kit: Bootstrap, Express, Heroku, Hogan, NodeJS, ect.

Best of Joy website

Napa ARTWalk

The Napa ARTwalk is a city sponsored art walk which supports the creation of original, high-quality and collaborative sculpture from regional artists.

At the time of construction speed was a critical factor in implementing this site. To address this we skipped the design phase and used a minimalistic set of tools. We managed image compression, code customizations and launch of the final site. As a result, the finished product took less than a week to complete.

Tool Kit: Bootstrap, Express, Heroku, Hogan, NodeJS, ect.

Napa ARTwalk website

Nigel Bates

Nigel Bates is a local business owner and musician in the Napa Valley community.

Nigel approached us with a personal project promoting his work as a drummer. We worked with Nigel to create a one page solution with simple functionality for adding tour dates and editing featured songs.

Tool Kit: Bootstrap, Ruby on Rails, Active Admin, ect.

Nigel Bates website

Walter H. Everette

Walter H. Everett was one of the most popular and well-regarded American illustrators of the early twentieth-century.

The Everette family commissioned us to co-create a website in honor of Walter's legacy. We sketched the initial prototypes and created the information hierarchy. We used SquareSpace for this project as it allows family members to get involved in this fun process!

Tool Kit: SquareSpace

Walter Everette website

WinePhoto co.

Created by one of our founders, WinePhoto co. addresses the lack of tasteful stock images in the wine making industry.

The service is an open-source image gallery for the wine community. WinePhoto co. promotes industry commerce by providing images to wineries, small businesses and tourism agencies in the wine industry.

Tool Kit: AngularJS, Amazon S3, Amazon Route53

WinePhoto co. website